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Celebrate Amazing Doctors & Nurses – World Health Day

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Amazing Doctors and Nurses

Ever wondered who developed insulin? Or who completed the first heart transplant? Would you like to gain insights into the lives they led and the challenges they faced. Explore how amazing doctors and nurses developed their remarkable skills and why!

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Celebrate World Health Day with some of the world’s most Amazing Doctors & Nurses, such as Florence Nightingale, Christiaan Barnard, Elizabeth Blackwell, Shizue Kato & many more!

Published by: Dr Charles Margerison, Psychologist

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Amazing Doctors & Nurses

“I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse” – Florence Nightingale.

We have all relied on doctors and nurses at various points during our lives. However, the remarkable stories behind so many important and influential achievements remain unknown. This inspirational eBook explores how doctors and nurses have developed their remarkable skills and methods to help patients, supported by researchers in many fields.

“My Health, My Right” – World Health Day 2024

World Health Day on 7th April 2024 marks an annual celebration that draws attention to health concerns of people all over the world. This year, it also celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization, in 1948. The topic this year is ‘My Health, My Right’, and focusses on having health recognised as a human right. This is something which many of us take for granted, but the fact is that at least 4.5 billion people – which represents more than half of the world’s population – are not fully covered by essential health services (WHO 2021).

Paving The Way For Modern Medicine

The heroes and heroines in this book include people who paved the way for modern medicine and saved countless lives by advancing the boundaries of treatment. Their great stories come back to life through a story format called a BioView. It is as if these amazing doctors and nurses returned through time to tell the story of their life and their amazing achievements.

A BioView is a short biographical story, similar to an interview, about an amazing person. It provides an easy way of learning about people who made major contributions to our world. The unique format and flow enable each person’s story to come alive, as if it is being personally told to you and reflects their interests, emotions and passions.

Health Conditions Of The Time

Thousands of babies are born each day. If they are fortunate to live in countries with a high standard of living, then normally a doctor or nurse or both will be there to assist the mother. For those who are not so fortunate, then nature is usually left to take its course, sometimes for the best but often for the worse.

That was the situation for most mothers until about 100 years ago. Medical facilities were poor or non-existent, as indeed they are in many parts of the world today – which is why ‘My Health, My Right’ is the topic for this year’s World Health Day. This book records, in a unique way, how doctors and nurses have changed our lives. The revolution in health care started after 1850 when people like Semmelweis tried to persuade other doctors to wash their hands in carbolic. At that time, many mothers were dying in childbirth.

Shining A Light On The Nursing Profession – The ‘Lady With The Lamp’

About the same time, Florence Nightingale took 38 nurses to the Crimea to try and help wounded soldiers. They were often ignored or harassed by army surgeons and military people. Indeed, the profession of nursing at that time was regarded as a low-level occupation. On her return to England, Florence Nightingale set about changing that and improving the life of many by developing nurses for the new profession. The ‘Lady With The Lamp’ literally shone a light on nursing as a career.

It was some years before Pasteur explained how germs spread and caused infection. It required considerable efforts by Lister and others to improve hygiene in hospitals and surgeries. The medical profession was backward in learning and reluctant to change old practices. Despite opposition in many quarters, standards began to improve. Each one depended on time being spent on research and development.

Many of these amazing people reacted to events and decisions. In many cases, they observed fear and developed plans to give themselves and others hope. As we celebrate World Health Day and ‘My Health, My Right’, let’s pay homage to those who have given so much of themselves to help us all live healthy lives. Health professionals both past and present are truly deserving of being referred to as ‘Amazing’! Explore some of their stories in this inspirational title – Amazing Doctors And Nurses.

About Amazing People Worldwide

Educational and entertaining, our inspirational book series makes the lives of a huge range of amazing people accessible like never before. People who’ll enjoy the series are those who are determined to make the best of their time and are interested in learning about the many people that made their mark. Whatever your profession or interest, within our library there are stories that will speak to everyone in some way. Explore our library HERE. The unique BioView format makes the stories accessible and engaging, for everyone. Visit to learn more.

About the Author

Dr Charles Margerison, President and founder of Amazing People Worldwide, is a Psychologist. He is also President of Amazing People Schools. Dr Margerison has consulted widely for major organizations in the fields of organizational and educational psychology. He was previously Professor of Management at Cranfield University, UK, and the University of Queensland, Australia. He founded Amazing People Worldwide in 2006 and is supported by a dedicated global team. He previously co-founded Emerald Publications, and Team Management Systems and has authored more than 30 books. Dr. Charles is also the creator of ‘Can Do Kids Band’, a virtual music group that helps students to learn about countries and cultures through music. He has also developed Imagineland, for early learners. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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